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1. The 5 Habits Of People With Healthy Teeth

As a child, my mom would drag my brother and I to the dentist every six months. We absolutely dreaded it, but Mother always emphasised the importance of dental care. As an adult, I completely forgot to take proper care of my teeth on a daily basis, and I also stopped visiting my dentist regularly. Needless to say, I now regret this. So that you can learn from my mistakes, I present you with the five habits of people who have perfect teeth.

White teeth One Smile

1. Get the right toothbrush

Make sure you get a good, proper toothbrush with soft bristles that will be more delicate on your teeth. Replace your toothbrush every three months for hygiene purposes, and because your toothbrush will become worn out from all that brushing.

2. Brush your teeth twice a day

Brushing in the morning is essential, but how often do you brush at night? Brushing your teeth properly after breakfast and before bed will help break down plaque. If you eat sweet, sugary foods during the day, you can also brush after lunch to ensure your teeth are clean.

3. Floss

Make a habit of flossing! No really, you should floss at least once a day to remove food and plaque that your toothbrush might have missed.

4. Visit your damn dentist

Some areas of the mouth are missed even when brushing twice a day, so you have to visit a dentist or oral hygienist regularly. Built-up plaque that solidifies and turns into tartar is extremely difficult to remove – you’ll need help from a professional. Visiting your dentist twice a year prevents the tartar from hardening on your teeth and creating holes. These holes will cause cavities, and create even bigger problems. So, go for that clean once every six months, because paying for fillings will be a lot harder on your pocket than a basic clean!

5. Whiten (if you want to) 

If you take good care of your teeth you can definitely follow that up with tooth whitening.  However, whitening is extremely expensive and not everyone can afford it. Luckily, there are whitening toothpastes and kits available that are more affordable and give decent results.

At-Home Tooth Whitening Kit

I was considering going to the dentist to get my teeth whitened, but the prices were too high, so I decided to get an alternative that would deliver the same results. I started using One Smile Teeth Whitening Kit R890 a few weeks back, and the results are great. I was expecting to follow an intense step-by-step guide, but it was pretty simple! I just had to fill the mouth tray with whitening gel, attach it to the whitening light unit, place it in my mouth, press the button and voilá, it was done! The light unit will automatically turn off after 10 minutes, meaning you don’t have to keep time. I repeated the process for six consecutive days and got amazing results.

Whitening Kit


Do teeth whitening kits really work

In the age of Instagram, a girl needs to look her best… and like most things this decade, teeth whitening just got a whole lot easier (but is it just a money making scam?)

In the age of Instagram, a girl needs to look her best… and like most things this decade, teeth whitening just got a whole lot easier (but is it just a money making scam?)

Gone are the days of getting your pearly whites in tip top shape at a dentist and having to donate a kidney to pay for the procedure. Now, just like Kylie Jenner, you too can whiten your teeth at home (while you watch Netflix or stalk your ex’s new girlfriend on social media).

To be honest, we were a little bit skeptical about One Smile Teeth Whitening, because hasn’t Clicks been selling kits like these for years? But like the thorough journalists we are, we gave our kit a bash and were amazed!

Our guinea pig? The editor’s boyfriend who runs on cigarettes and iced coffee. If One Smile could work on his teeth, everyone else might as well head out now and buy theirs.

The kit which comes with a light-up mouth piece and 3 gel syringes promises to accelerate and enhance teeth whitening effects. According to them, in just 10 minutes, stains will begin to breakdown with visible whitening results.

Every night our guinea pig was summoned to partake in this new ritual and we would anxiously await the results. The kit states that with only six applications, your teeth can achieve up to 8 shades of whitening improvement on both the inner and outer of your smile. The kit which was made famous by the world’s biggest celebs abides by ADA and FDA regulations. The ingredients maintain an above neutral pH to ensure that no abrasiveness is experienced on the tooth enamel. The short 10 minute applications and friendly-to-use whitening agents also make One Smile suitable for those with sensitive teeth.

The result? We couldn’t believe how the machine we believed to be bullshit, actually whitened the teeth even after about the second session. Let’s just say our guinea pig has already ordered his gel refills!

Overall verdict? One Smile for president 2018.

Kits cost R890 and can be ordered from




August 2017

 Have you ever taken a selfie and when looking at the selfie you think to yourself, oh my gosh…. I got to do something about my teeth…  Then ONE SMILE IS FOR YOU!

One smile is a quick and effective at-home teeth whitening kit with many advantages, some of these include:

  • Teeth are visibly whiter in 10 minutes
  • Zero harmful chemicals
  • Zero testing on animals
  • No sensitivity
  • Separate mouthpiece
  • Prevents future stains

I was lucky enough to go through the 6 day course… The package contains 3x Teeth Whitening Gels, 1x Whitening Light Unit and 1x Mouth Tray. The results are most effective if used consecutively for 6 days, although you may whiten your teeth for 12 consecutive days.

Now that I have given you a bit of background on this product I thought that I should give you all a little bit of insight from my perspective.

Day 1: Initially starting to use my One Smile kit (me, being the blonde that I am – might have influenced the following sentence) instead of applying the gel to both the top and the bottom of the mouth guard I of course it to only the left and the right, (Disclaimer: The instructions are quite clear, but clearly not Jessica proof). Use of the product was relatively easy takes your mouth getting used to. On the first day I didn’t quite notice any changes although I remained hopeful.

Day 2: I thought to myself lets try again.. After speaking to One Smile they advised me that for better results if my teeth weren’t feeling sensitive that I could use the product for longer than 10 minutes to improve my results, which I did. The gel is not the tastiest of things although it is manageable. Still no noticeable difference although with that being said it might be because I see my teeth everyday that I wouldn’t notice a minor difference.

Day 3: As I started getting into the routine of using One Smile it was a quick pop it into my mouth and get on with my nightly duties, on day 3 I started to notice minor changes on my teeth and started to feel a lot more confident about my smile.

Day 4: Wasn’t much to report except friends started commenting about the results of the product! BONUS!

Day 5: After tonight there was one more treatment and so far so good, I was pleased with the results.

Day 6: Note to self: DO NOT use this product when with your best friend, laughing is not advised when using this product (this is not advice given by One Smile but rather from me). Unfortunately I got the gel onto my gums and besides the taste it stung just a tad. Waking up the following morning I could notice a major transformation in my teeth!

LADIES! After using One Smile you will no longer need to use apps to whiten your teeth! How exciting! Not only will it save you time with selfies but also will leave you smiling all day long!

The results were Amazing that even my friend has decided its time to purchase a kit and go through the One Smile treatment! Once you have bought the initial kit you are able to purchase refills to keep your teeth whiter for longer! I will Most definitely be using One Smile again!

Yours faithfully,